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The origin of solid precision

Advanced computer technology, thorough professional knowledge, creativity, craftsmanship skills, ultramodern machinery plus pure devotion to the craft of model and mould production together shape the stable basis on which the Uitslag company brings about complete custom-made solutions.
Just to mention two of its extremes, ranging from an ornamental side-table to extremely strong deep-sea cable protection. The Uitslag company engineers and realizes models and moulds of first-rate quality.

Irrespective of the complexity of the design the Uitslag company will take care of a speedy, flexible and accurate conversion into the shape required. The presence of the fully- automated five axled milling machine, combined with the workmanship and the professional practical skills are a warranty for an adequate and speedy production of optimal models and moulds.


  • Hoods for sweepers
  • Roofboxes and sunbeds
  • Trivets
  • Core moulds
  • Converting of moulds
Ten moulds for the bodywork of road sweepers. Excellent quality under high pressure of time, realized by cooperation, state-of-the-art CADCAM software plus the Zimmermann five axled milling power machine.
Both customer and partner share the ambition to produce top quality moulds. Cast moulds have undergone a second milling and have been fitted up ready for production. Other moulds have been meticulously shaped out of massive aluminium.
The absolute surplus value of co-engineering means custom-made quality products and saving on time,as well. The drawing and the milling of core moulds resulted into a high-quality product within a tight time schedule.
The quality of the Uitslag company as a basis for a permanently reliable production for the customer. The rebuilding of core boxes requires the expertise of model builders and the clearly stated requirements of the founders.
Making moulds that have proven their excellence usable for new machines. From the first sketching up to the disassembling, processing and their reinstalling. This resulted into a production boost for the customer.