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The Uitslag company, formerly known as the Model and Mould Manufacturing Twente, was set up in 1978 out of a passion for the mould making craftsmanship. Mr Rudie Uitslag’s technical basis was shaped at the well-known Dikkers engineering factory in Hengelo, the cradle of the high-tech industries in the Twente area, the Netherlands.

History of the Uitslag company

Together with two young colleagues and fellow entrepreneurs Mr Rudie Uitslag set up a cast aluminium foundry in Oldenzaal. In order to be able to give more meaning to his craftsmanship as a model maker, he set up his own specialist company. The quality of the models, manufactured on the basis of authentic craftsmanship, and his ample experience in casting would soon result into a greater demand for moulds of the same high-grade quality.
As the successor in the family business Mr Mirko Uitslag has fully integrated the technical innovations and possibilities in his business management, invariably combined with the still present craftsmanship skills in model manufacturing. This has resulted in a solid enterprise capable of offering a complete and extremely advanced service, from concept to realization.

Our perception of a long-lasting relationship

Within the Uitslag organization each customer is perceived as a partner with whom a long-lasting relationship can be built up. The underlying idea of this is that customer contact on the basis of trust, mutual exchange of knowledge and quality supplied can grow into a permanent cooperative relationship. This cooperation will become more efficient, more effective and attain a higher quality, as familiarity with each other’s vision, processes, know-how and technical possibilities increases. This will result into a win-win situation both for the customer and for the Uitslag company. The optimal result of such a customer relationship is co-engineering, in which each order is approached from a partnership and will thus invariably lead to strong results.

Company profile

When looking at the Uitslag company as a whole there is one striking aspect that will stand out. Each part, from product development and engineering up to and including the actual production, is realized by means of state-of-the-art drawing and operating software and production machines. At the same time, within the production the Uitslag company can still boast of applying the craftsmanship skills of professional master craftsmen for the models, next to the technical and space facilities required for this.